Why does your company need to set up a structured new hire sales training program? Let’s see if this sounds like you – You spent the better part of a month interviewing new sales candidates. There were probably 50 qualified resumes out of about 200 submitted. After careful consideration and 3 additional days to go through all of the resumes you narrowed the 50 down to your top 15 and began the interview process тренінги продажи по телефону.

After 3 weeks of coordinating 15 interviews you narrow that down to 5 candidates and begin the 2nd round of interviewing.

It is time for you to make your decision. Two candidates really impressed you and your team. You conduct your reference checks and finally come to a decision. The offer letter is sent out, accepted, and returned. You are convinced that this new hire will hit the ground running in your sales department.

Drug and background checks are conducted, orientation is completed. Your newly hired sales representative is now after at least a month of all of the above sitting in front of you.

90 days later you are asking yourself what just happened. Why, oh why didn’t he work out as planned, he was the perfect sales candidate? Everyone involved in the interview process didn’t just like him they all loved him.

New Hire Sales Training

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